The literature review should contain a minimum of 30 references and the following elements and should be distinguished through the use of APA level-2 or 3 headings: (a) an introduction to the section: a brief overview of the literature review will foreshadow what will be included in the chapter ex: the topics that will be addressed. (b) a discussion of the theoretical perspective (theoretical lens) within which the study will be grounded; and the conceptual framework/historical context of the study: Discuss the theory or conceptual framework within which the study will be grounded. (c) a synthesis of the findings in a “state-of-knowledge” summary in regard to the problem area, including additional evidence as to the nature and the importance of the phenomenon and problem, causation and potential interventions. (d) an identification of gaps and limitations of the literature; (e) a clear discussion of how further research should extend, differ from, or replicate past studies including the identification of critical variables in the problem area and important questions to be tested. Indicate the shortcomings in the design of prior research that should be avoided as well as strengths to be repeated in conducting another study. Critique the literature as a basis for any controversial methodological decisions to be presented in the proposal. (f) an articulation of the unique contribution of the intended dissertation study. Research Questions The research questions are based on the problem or area of need and on the research reviewed. The research questions should adhere to the following guidelines: (a) formation of question or questions based on theory, previous research (i.e., the literature review), and experience and (b) stated in the form of a question and are focused and clear ie: specific and feasible. Central question—the overarching question you explore in the research study Subquestions—divides the central question into smaller, specific questions Issue subquestions—narrow the focus of the central question into specific issues