The causes of Terrorism. What causes terrorism?

Format for the thesis must be in this order:

1) Title page-Format specific (does not count toward the total number of pages.
2) Abstract- A paragraph (100-250 words) explaining the findings and contributions of your research.
3) Introduction: A brief section explaining the context and importance of your research.
4) Research question and argument: 3-5 pages
5) Literature review: (8-10 pages) This is already done. I will upload this file so you can see what my topic is about. Use the same sources as are listed at the end of this literature review. You can add or change sources as you see fit but just note that it must add up to at least 20 sources.
6) Research Methodology: (4-5 pages) a section of your paper explaining the research design and why the appropriateness of these decisions, somewhat developed in the literature review.
7) Results: (12-15 pages) A section explaining the results of your research.
8) Conclusion: (3-5 pages) A summary of your thesis, with a discussion of the results.
9) References: At least 20 (does not count toward page count)

My thesis topic is about the causes of terrorism or what causes terrorism. I want you to compare 3-5 terror groups across the globe and determine that religion and in particular Islam does not give rise to terrorism. Rather it is caused by other factors such as political, economic, social, and geographical factors. For more information about this look at my literature review that I uploaded. You could use different sources than the ones listed in the literature review as long as it is at least 20 sources. The total number of pages must add up to including the literature review I’m going to upload. Remember that the reference page does not count toward the total page count so you must get to 32 pages excluding the reference page.