You need to choose a known brand [that is either national or international] to explain its different elements as well as

(please refer to the document named as brand identity 1 and 2 to know exactly what is a brand identity and how do you explain it),

provide a discussion about the elements of form, content and context (for each form content and context please find below files attach that says for example, form – primary elements, form – secondary elements and form tertiary elements, depending on which brand identity you will choose you have to open each file of the attached below and discuss if you find any of the elements discussed in the slides in the brand identity).

*Analyze the elements of brand identity; (Here you deeply refer to the file brand identity 1 and 2 and etc. resources if you want)

*Identify the practical relationship between form, content and context
through critical discourse (files of form, content and context are attached below, please use only them to analysis form content and context); and

*Evaluate design considerations and practice from a theoretical perspective
(Here basically refers to the context primary, secondary and tertiary)

The brand analysis has to exhibit a thorough understanding of
all the elements that comprehend a brand identity (brand identity 1 & 2 below are attached for brand identity analysis, please refer to them deeply ).