WTO Disputes

Working individually, students need to complete a project of 3,000 (+/- 10%) words based
around a contemporary foreign trade policy issue, however, it must involve a dispute at the
WTO. A list of WTO disputes can be found at:
The instructor must approve the choice of topic and the chosen country case study. The
paper counts for 75% of this grade. The presentation counts for 25% of the grade. The word
count has to be given on the front page of the paper. The bibliography is essential and by
definition must be a whole list of all the works used as sources for the project. A missing or
incomplete bibliography or the inclusion of untraceable sources will potentially result in
non-acceptance of the project and a grade not being awarded. The work has to be referenced in Harvard style.

Basically, you can choose any country you like, but just follow the instructions please.