Why math is important for kids to learn

Next week . But I have two assignemt. 2000 words assignment . Could u help me to get someone to write , I can pay for it . As it s no word limiting just need to do the presentation .
Math ass
How we teach math in early year
Hand on
Visual learner
Small group
Enage the children
Parent know
Prep class – their experience – sit down and do work sheet
Match children interest
Style to get children to get interested to learn
Real world example to parent
Make them understand
Enage them to learn
Set up w family
Get fruit in supermarty
What curriculum is and how to teach
Why important
What to do to teach
What we teach
3 strength in Araca curriculum
Educating people – here is the website u look at
Demonstrates ur knowledge
U know the researcher
Parent want to know children can learn
PowerPoint – transcript
In Gsp school I have seen this this and I think it s math important –/
Ref list in reading
Newzeand math
Not kid corner
Critical of what we read
–/ pls let me send u guys a picture of the assignment sheet