What is History and how does it inform Politics? Use at least 2 of the 3 theorists studied in class: Kant, Marx and Nietzsche Compare and contrast to make your case.

Essay Assignment #2
In this second essay assignment, you are asked to answer the following question:
The essay must follow the following structure and organization:
THESIS: A clear, simple and direct sentence stating the main argument of the paper. Focus on a central theme that will be developed throughout the body of the paper; it often helps to use the word “because”.  In the Intro give a brief summary (one sentence only) of the main supporting arguments that will build on your thesis during the course of the paper and define your terms
Argument #1 – Develop and expand main Thesis idea; sub-sections can be helpful
SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS (at least 2 more independent; but related ideas)
COUNTER-ARGUMENT: Find the opposite idea of the thesis (e.g. if you argue that Aristotle is the true heir, what could be said about Augustine?)
COUNTER the COUNTER: Synthesize the ideas and demonstrate how your argument is superior.
CONCLUSION: Bring it home!
Your paper should be 5-6 pages (double-spaced, standard font & margins). You should employ an in-text citation style. No secondary sources are permitted. The essay is due on Wed., April 6, 2016 at end of class. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.