What are the key skills that lawyers need to develop?

In the later stages of this order form submission when I find out who my writer will be, I shall also send you an example of a genuine law essay I wrote and submitted this year so that you can get an idea of my essay writing skills. My English language skills are fine, however, my ability to structure an essay is not at all practiced. Please, have a look at this ‘actual’ work of mine so that you can somehow tailor your writing style accordingly to ensure that my professors don’t get suspicious. This is because I have a track record of once not submitting a law essay at all and another time my essay mark was quite low (3rd class). Having said all this – still manage to somehow get this essay up to a good 2:2 lower second class standard.

Most importatnly, (the essay), as well as being descriptive, must also offer a critical account of which legal skills are beneficial + why and which are not so beneficial + why ACCORDING TO the work/advice/opinions of legal experts/professionals/regulatory bodies and even writers of the law syllabus/curriculum/future education and training needs.

Essay Title/Question: What are the key skills that lawyers need to develop?
Limit: not exceeding 2500 words (excluding bibliography)
Layout: 12 Roman; 2 Lines Spacing (i.e. double)

As I understand it: “key skills” suggests a need to just mention the most important legal skills out of the lot/many obvious skills that lawyers must possess like teamwork/transferable etc. “Lawyers” could mean anything but my guess is that I am expected to refer to qualified professionals who practice the law in real life (i.e. concerning both barristers and solicitors). Therefore, the ‘key skills’ that barristers and solicitors need to develop. Now the question is – the ‘key skills’ according to who/what? Might be all the bodies mentioned above: legal scholars; professionals; professors; lawyers themselves from their own experience(s). Other evidence to support what the essay claims might be empirical evidence such as data from surveys; reports; reviews; studies.

Other search ‘key words’/regulatory bodies that might be of use:

1. “legal education and training 2010 review”
2. “clementi debate”
3. “1971 Ormrod Review”
4. “Legal Services Act 2007”
5. “Solicitors Regulation Authority”
6. “Bar Standards Board”
7. “Institute of Legal Executives & ILEX Professional Standards”
8. “Royal Commission”
9. “consumers’ association magazine ‘WHICH?'”
10. “legal services ombudsman”

Thank you.