Web Server Hacking

Technical Paper:

Write a technical research paper on Web Servers Hacking. In the Introduction, please state “why” you choose this area? Be creative & Research! Some possible perspective are: vulnerabilities, attacks, scanners, exploits, server hardening etc. remember to be creative.

Please Note the following “Technical Paper” information carefully:

*All papers are to be “Double Spaced”, 10/12 Font, Arial or Times Roman, Word or text format. A 6-8 page minimum of “Research Content”, Citations both in the Body, and in the “End Notes” section of the Paper e.g., (Smith, 2007),using MPA/APA style.

*Include a Separate “Cover/Title” page.

*Please use “Wikipedia” sparingly*! Your genuine Research comes from Professional Libraries, and the Professional Security Web sites, e.g., SANS, Blackhat, CyberCrime, CERT, and many, many others.