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Part A – Business Plan Report
Contents of Business Plan
Create a report in Word. In order to complete this report you will need to carry out original market research. Your report will include the following content:
1. Title page
a. Must include at least: Business name, proposer names, date, etc.
2. Table of contents
3. Business Description
a. Business Idea including Characteristics of product/service
b. Unique Selling Point (USP)
c. Mission Statement & Vision
d. Business Location (justification & map)
e. Form of Business Ownership

4. Environmental analysis
a. Macro environmental analysis (PEST factors – political, economic, social, technological)
b. Competitor/Substitute analysis of least TWO major competitors or substitutes
c. Market research plan
d. Original market research findings and sales forecasts.

5. Market Segmentation and Marketing Plan
a. Market Segmentation: Identification of and justification for at least TWO significant target market segments
b. Marketing Plan for each of the two significant target market segments:
• Product positioning
• Pricing Strategy
• Place/Distribution Strategy
• Promotion Strategy