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Discussions ♦

Compose a 3-4 paragraph Initial Post in response to one of the following discussion prompts. Your Initial Post should refer to at least 5 course materials. Complete your Initial Post by Monday, October 31st. Read and respond to at least 5 students’ post. Finish posting by Monday, November 7th.

Think about the following questions. You don’t necessarily have to respond to each question in the prompt. Support your ideas with examples from the readings, personal experience, materials and ideas you’ve come discussed in other courses and outside sources.

Discussion Prompt #1:

How can inequities between communities be bridged? The articles about reparations lay out two different solutions to the racial divide within the United States. Is some form of reparation necessary to overcome oppression? If so, what type of reparation? If not, how would you approach healing divisions that occur within society along the line of race, class, gender, ability, sexuality, religion, and so on?

Discussion Prompt #2:

How do the communities you belong to shape who you are? Does one’s identity automatically make one part of a community? How are communities defined by the places they live in and the opportunities that exist within them? How can opportunities be distributed more equitably among place-based communities? What other types of inequities exist among different communities? What types of opportunities associated with non-place based communities?