Volkswagen Ethics Case Study

Case Study

The aim of this case study is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply theoretical
content of the unit to a practical setting. You will be assessed on how well you can identify the ethical
dimensions of a given case.

Case Study 1 – Questions

1.    Briefly explain the ethical problem(s) in the case study.
2.    Compare and contrast the utilitarian, libertarian, deontological and virtue ethics perspectives on the ethical problem(s) you have identified.
3.    Identify, explain and justify an ethical perspective that you think would help provide a solution to the problem – you may want to use a combination of ethical perspectives.
You must answer these question either as an essay or as a report.

•    Use diagrams to illustrate your answer
•    Do some additional research on the detail of the case
•    Use journal articles to support your arguments
•    Minimum of 15 reference