Visual Analysis 3

Choose one work of art discussed in upload file that you do not consider art. In your answer, make sure that you provide your definition and criteria, and make reference
to one additional work discussed. (i.e. another work that doesn’t meet your
criteria, or a work you do consider art that supports your definition).

Focus on one of the following twentieth-­-century trends: the introduction of new
materials (i.e. materials that were not previously thought to be art materials for example Smithson’s earthworks, Schneemann’s use of the body as art, Rauschenberg’s combines of found materials, etc.) or emerging genres (such as
performance art, feminist art, video art, conceptual art) by analyzing two works.

Remember: This is NOT intended to be a research assignment so you should not
need to consult outside sources. If you do use sources, however, you must provide