Unit IV Discussion Board E-Commerce

Today, designing websites to support mobile devices is very popular. However, it can and often does require additional time and expenses. For this discussion, address some of the unique features that must be taken into account when designing a mobile Web presence. Also, share your thoughts about designing a site to support mobile devices and the expected return from this type of investment.

You are required to make at least two substantive postings (one primary and at least one to classmates). I encourage you to post more. Best practice is to post on separate days. Try not to bunch up your postings and try not to wait until late on the final day of the unit to complete your postings, as these late postings are usually not read by your classmates.

The body of your primary response should be at least 250 words in length. You are to always use the class text as your primary source. This means to include a full reference of the class text at the end of your response, as well as several in-text citations (paraphrase; no direct quotes) throughout the body of your response. You may use additional sources, as long as they are reliable (journals and professional publications; don’t simply Google the key words and grab a random Website).