(Unit 1 Discussion )Beginnings of Microbiology

For this unit’s Discussion, you will engage in a Discussion about the beginnings of microbiology. As you will learn, the �birth� of microbiology impacts your daily life on many levels. During the unit, discuss the events and scientists that led to what is known of modern microbiology with your classmates.

If you were to explain the field of microbiology to a high school student, how would you describe it? What is the field of microbiology all about?
How would a general understanding of the principles of chemistry help them understand microbiology? How are the two sciences related?
Choose one scientist from your Readings and discuss his or her contributions to the field of microbiology. Why do you believe these contributions are significant?
Why do you think it is beneficial to have knowledge of microbiology? Does it apply to your career and your day-to-day life? Explain.