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My Maiden Tour of Colorado Springs

Long before he vanished without a trace, my cousin Edmond used to compare the beauty of Colorado Springs to God’s divine handwriting. That is how it became my destination of choice to while away the idle moments of spring. Besides, my elder brother Frank lives in Colorado Springs and he had always pestered me to visit him in springtime so that he could show me some of the most splendid nooks of the city. Upon my arrival, I knew that I had to look beyond the exceptionally marvelous skyline of the city to the outlying vistas if I wanted to behold all the famed glories of the region. Throughout my tour of the city, I stayed at the Colorado Springs Marriott, which is famous throughout the country for its exquisite façade, friendly staff, lovely entertainment programs, and exceptional cuisine. Besides, my preference for the hotel derived from the impressive reviews that I had read in multiple online travel blogs, which is my pastime when I am not immersed in routine activities. In short, I was spellbound by the gorgeous attractions within and beyond the city.

If I had any misgivings about touring a city that is nestled within a rocky and mountainous terrain, they dissipated on my first sight of the spectacular attractions that spread in every direction. The sweeping undulating terrain fosters the impression of a medieval empire tucked away in some idyllic corner of the planet. The outskirts of Colorado Springs do not resemble the wasteland that many people imagine before their first visit. I did not have a tour guide because I thought the challenges involved in traveling around on my own would form part of the attraction. Since I developed intense passion in traveling, I have learned to design my tours in the style of Ernest Hemmingway. The element of surprise is what sustained my interest as I moved from one area of Colorado to another while savoring the delights of this desert neighborhood.

There is a lot to do for visitors in Colorado Springs, particular those for whom photography is a second nature. I bore testimony to the fact that nature and modernity can coexist side by side in perfect harmony. The imposing skyline of Colorado Springs is defined by a vast of architectural marvels that are truly photogenic in every aspect. The layout of the city portrays a beautiful mixture of both modern and post-modern designs that stand apart in their splendor and sheer eminence. The robust façade of steel and concrete Colorado Springs reminded me of the marvelous experience I had in Munich the year I turned ten. Ever since, I have always retained a lasting fondness for any urban setting that features a great diversity of architectural designs. I was particularly impressed by the splendor of Downtown Colorado Springs, which makes it ideal for weekend relaxation, particularly for those who wish to travel as families or couples. This might foster the impression that I was bored because I was a lone traveler.

I incurred the challenge that many travelers encounter whenever they connect emotionally with a place they have toured for the first time. There is always a long list of the things to do and places to visit against a very short time and a shoestring budget. I knew that I would not last in Colorado Springs for more than three days. That is why it became necessary for me to settle down on the most memorable activities that would make me remember my first visit for the longest time. As I devoured my dinner at the Colorado Springs Marriott that evening, I perused my travel guide book; I decided that I should venture on the outskirts of the city for a refreshing photography tour. I was thinking of a number of famous attractions, which included Pikes Peak, Pulpit Rock, Ackerman Overlook, and Garden of the Gods. The magical allure of these sites would remain in my memory up to this day.

Garden of the Gods ranks highly on my list of the most famous attractions anywhere in the United States. I was sincerely awestruck by the sheer magnificence of the rock formations and the breathtaking greenery that spread all around the rocks. Both up-close and from a distance, the site conveys the message of nature’s majesty in all aspects. I resolved that my tour would not be the last because there was not enough time for me to photograph the scenery in all the angles that I desired. It would be grossly unfair and insufficient for me to sum up my experience without mentioning the sheer attractions of Pulpit Rock. Unfortunately, I could not get close enough to get a clear view for the best pictures. That is why I ended up with blurred images that are nudging me to organize my next tour to the region as soon as possible.

The only regret I carried back on my return journey is that there were no traces of Edmond or a hint of where he might be in the expansive city and its suburbs. Right now, my idea is to get back to Colorado Springs in summertime and get the best photographs of the entire cityscape and the outlying attractions. An experienced traveler with mastery in photography advised me to try and capture the scenes at sunrise and sundown in order to enjoy their full mystique. Overall, I reminisce about my experiences in the city and the mountainous terrain in nearly the same way I recall my first trip to Munich. My tour of the city and its outskirts was an exhilarating experience that sharpened my knowledge about some of America’s rarest vistas such as Pikes Peak, Seven Falls, and Garden of the Gods.




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