Translation of Terms in Psychopathology (4 paragraphs in-cite references APA format)

You are the special agent-in-charge of the area field office for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) has asked you about a homicide in which a hostage taker took a gas station attendant and two customers hostage. After a brief standoff with negotiators, the hostage taker shot his three hostages and then turned the gun on himself. A surviving family member of the suspect was in contact with the AUSA’s office and related that the hostage taker was suffering from a depressive or bipolar related disorder. The AUSA would like to discuss the concepts of major depressive disorder and major depressive and bipolar disorder. In a meeting set with the AUSA, you will explain the two disorders and why it is likely that they contributed to the deaths of the hostages and hostage taker.

Please respond to the following questions:


What is the difference between major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder?

  • What is considered to be appropriate treatment for persons suffering from these disorders?
  • Is the use of pharmaceuticals to treat these disorders enough to return persons into the community to function normally? Why? 4 in-cite references