Traffic Control System Based On 32-Bit Micro-Controller (ARM7

he object of this project is to reduce possibilities of traffic jams caused by traffic light control and monitoring system. This system is based on ATmega 16 and ARM7. This project will focus on the optimization of traffic light controller in cities using 1R sensor. The system is based on vehicle density to calculate tires to reduce possible traffic jams. The system contains IR transmitter and IR receiver for traffic density measurement which are mounted on sides of roads respectively. The IR sensor gets activated whenever any vehicle passes on the road.
When one sensor is on at that time, density will be less when two sensors will be on at that traffic density will be high. The Micro-controller controls the IR system and counts number of vehicle passing on the road. Based on the different vehicle pass , micro-controller takes decision and updates the traffic light delays accordingly. Additional futures, the use of GPS technology to give tercentennial information of vehicle. The system should be able to notice the location of accident to emergency personnel.