TOK. Cloning

The diagram indicates that a successful presentation will have several dimensions.

The two levels in the diagram represent the students’ experiences in the TOK course (lower level) and in the world beyond it (upper level). The connections between the levels demonstrate the relevance of TOK to life beyond the TOK classroom.
At the “real-world” level, there is the real-life situation from which a knowledge question must be extracted.
This knowledge question, residing in the “TOK world”, must be developed using ideas and concepts from the TOK course, and in this progression it is likely that other related knowledge questions will be identified and will play a part in taking the argument forward.
The product of this reflection can be applied back (during and/or after the development) to the real-life situation at the “real-world” level.
In addition, the presentation should ideally aim to show how the process of application extends beyond the original situation to other real-life situations, thus demonstrating why the presentation is important and relevant in a wider sense. please check the website.IT’S VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT SHOWS HOW THE PRESENTATION SHOULD BE PLANNED.
You can use pictures and documentaries or movies or any innovative things to use as a source. ( I recommend at least you use 2 of these).
My topic is about cloning but I don’t want you to use many complicated or scientific terms, I want you to focus on the TOK side of it.
I know that I ordered only one page, but I want everything to be included in that page, you can summarize some ideas and I will add to them.
The introduction should be very catchy and creative, ( or funny if you can start it with something funny).15340261_TOK_1