This is the paper instructions:

You will interview either an expatriate (i.e., a person who is currently working on an international assignment) or a repatriate (i.e., a person who has previously worked overseas). Their nationality is not important, but it is important that they have lived and worked in a country other than their own for at least six months. If you don’t know anyone who has worked abroad, ask your parents, friends, professors, or colleagues at your internship for recommendations. The purpose of the assignment is to give you some insight into the life and work of an expatriate. Record the interview or take good notes, so that you can use their comments to write a paper using what you have learned.

I have already done the interview which with an American student that have studied in Italy and I’m attaching the recording with this order. I want you to put down all the questions and answers into writing and then write about the culture differences between his home country and the country he have traveled too and you should use some of Hofstede’s dimensions to explain that

The questions I asked him:
Recording #1
1- For how many times did you study abroad? Where?
Italy, costa Rico, Spain
2- Why did you choose this program?
3- What did you first think when you first heard you were going to?
4- Did you have any previous knowledge of the language or the culture of the country?
5- Do you speak any languages other than English?
6- What were the First days like? (What were your first impressions of the culture when you first arrived?

Recording #2
7- Were there things that surprised you about people? School?
8- What was your first big “aha” about the culture?
9- Did you have someone who could explain the local culture to you?
10- Show chart

Recording #3
11- Have you try or done anything that unusual to try to adapt the culture?

Recording #4
14- In few words how would you descript your experience?
15- What was it to come home?
16- Would you do it again and study abroad?
17- Did you change after the study abroad experience?