this is the first term paper. Compare at least one nation from each of the three regions in Asia we have been studying (East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia), identifying foundations for later modernity in terms of either a) government or b) economy or c) society. In other words, what type of governments, economies, or societies did they have and were there any features of those pre-modern governments, economies, or society which later helped or hindered those countries make the transition to the modern world? Look at the discussion from the first lecture, on Jan. 6, on the difference between pre-modern and modern governments, economies, and societies. Remember the four areas of change that we are looking at in this class: industrialization, the rise of nationalism, democratization, and changes in beliefs and values Here are some further suggestions for addressing the three topics. There are two things to keep in mind: A) You have to do more than simply answer “yes” or “no” to those questions. You have to provide examples from your readings to support your answer. B) Just because there are four questions for each topic doesn’t mean that you have to devote one paragraph to each topic. Those questions are guidelines, not an outline for your paper. Those questions are intended to give you a general idea of how to address your topic. They are intended to give you an idea of what sort of information you should look for in the readings in order to write your term paper. If you choose the government topic, ask yourself 1) did those countries have effective centralized governments? 2) did those countries choose government officials on the basis of ability rather than heredity? 3) were those governments supported by nationalism among the general population? 4) were those governments predatory or responsive to the needs of the general population? If you choose the economy topic, ask yourself 1) how much commercial activity do we see within those countries before the modern era? Is the economy primarily agricultural? Do we see any capitalism or much reliance on inanimate sources of energy? 2) did the average person think in terms of producing goods for sale in markets or was the economy primarily a subsistence economy, in which most people produced by themselves things they needed? 3) did those countries engage in much international trade before the modern era? 4) were governments committed to economic growth and did the common people expect their lives to get richer every year? If you choose the society topic, ask yourself? 1) was there much occupational or social mobility? 2) was mass education available for both young men and young women? What percentage of the population was literate? 3) did women have many opportunities to use their skills and talents outside of the home? 4) did people live mostly in villages or had a substantial portion of the population already moved into cities? those references is from the textbook and the lecture notes. the textbook name is East Asia: A Cultural, Social, and Political History (Chapters 15-31, pp. 247-544 ). author is Ebrey, Walthall, and Palai In addition, this paper has to write 5 pages. but I only can send the lecture notes to you.