The topic is the attitude of college students on alcohol

LITERATURE REVIEW is Chapter 2:  Conduct a summary literature review of 8 health articles (minimum 5 pages). Database resources should come from scholarly jornal articles and peer reviewed. The literature review does NOT have a conclusion. Do not give a conclusion to the review of the literature.  Depending on your investigation, it may go in the direction of investigating social, economic, and environmental factors relating to your topic. Therefore, you will have side-heading in the literature review.


For example, (this is ONLY an example of side headings):

“The Health Effects of Lead Poisoning Among Elementary School-Age Children in the Newark School District”

  1. Social Issues (investigatingthe social issues surrounding your thesis proposal)
  2. Economic Considerations (investigating the economic conditions of the issue in your thesis proposal)
  3. Environmental Concerns (investigating environmental concerns)


  1. Public Health Awareness (investigating the level of knowledge that the public has concerning your thesis statement.