the relevance of Fayol?s theories for today?s managers.

Globalization, advances in information technology, increasing pressure from other external forces, and the development of retail and service organisations mean that the management world today is vastly different to that in Henri Fayol?s time a hundred years ago. It is difficult to understand therefore how the concepts and theories proposed by Fayol could be of any relevance to managers today.
Write an academic essay debating/arguing the relevance of Fayol?s theories for today?s managers.
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Due date: Online submission to MIBT Portal by 1.00 pm on Monday 14 April 2014.
Assessment marks: This assignment is worth 40 marks, which is 40% of your final grade.
Word limit: 2000 words (+ or ? 10%; excluding References).
Relevant learning objectives: On completion of this assignment students should be able to:
? demonstrate a critical understanding of some aspects of the historical evolution of management;
? critically analyse some of the ongoing and contemporary issues facing managers in organisations;
? collect, compare and integrate information from different sources;
? research, summarize and critically assess that information about a management issue.