The literature review should provide the following properties: . It should focus on the precise question rather than wide-ranging reviews of ideas. . It should include definitions of terms, previous theorising and key previous findings. . It should be thorough and at an advanced level, so it should be critical and analytical, not descriptive, but also succinct, ideally leading towards a set of research aims, objectives and/or questions. . A bibliography should be included at the end. . References should be quoted in the body of the report and in the bibliography and not as footnotes of individual pages or as endnotes (see the advice sheets in the Library resource). Literature Review referable structure: A Brief introduction 1. What is Family business a. what is family business b. what is their management c. what is unique element of family business such as: management, family control, long term vision d. history of family firms e. how importance of family firms in China f. family business usually prefer to use their own people rather than a skillful people who is from outside of the family. g. Family firms sometimes more care about the brand or honor of the family rather than profit. h. Social emotional wealth, non-economical goals i. the performance and competitiveness of the family businesses in china. j. 2. What is Innovation a. The definition of innovation b. What firms do to innovation 3. Innovation in family business a. What benefit could innovation bring to family firms b. What problems could innovation bring to family firms (1) Explain the benefits of keeping tradition (2) Giving examples the problems could innovation bring to family firms, for example customers may choose another brand if a hand made shoes brand use innovative production. c. Traditional family business sometimes afraid to take a risk investing money since the capital is from themselves, and they can see the benefit about keeping tradition. d. Family firms sometimes use their own people since they want to protect the family brand and also master the firm. e. To distinguish between the family businesses and non-family innovation firms. A brief conclusion In the LR (Literature Review), it would be better to use a debate which could make arguments more critical. For example, A said innovation is a crucial to family firms, but B said sometimes too much innovation will destroy the traditional culture such as hand made industries, they believe traditional management and technology is made by several experienced generations, sometime tradition is more useful. In the LR, it is extremely important to apply a plenty of theoretical frameworks. For examples, SWOT analysis could be used in compare non-innovative family firms with innovative family firms, and it would be better to graph of this with a short description. Moreover, it is also necessary to use theories form related courses to show the previous knowledge. It is always better to use more graphs or charts to make the essay be easier to understand and read for audiences. At least 5 graphs or charts need to be applied. The LR should also related to objectives and research questions. Specific case or examples should be give in LR with theoretical framework.