the legality of the stop and search powers and the impact upon crime and community

course name: criminology and criminal justice

dissertation title: the legality of the stop and search powers and the impact upon crime and community.

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1)Aims and Objectives of the project

The aim of this project is to critically review and analyse the existing research on The legality of the stop and search powers and the impact that it is having upon crime and the community/society.
The objective is to assess to an extensive degree the legality of stop and search, if there is any stereotypes and stigmas by the police and if it is reducing crime.

Police officers around the UK have the power to stop, question and search anyone suspicions under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE), ( but the focus of these concerns has usually been on stops and searches conducted under Section 1 of PACE, which requires officers to have reasonable suspicion to conduct a stop to avoid stereotypes on minority races.

This method of policing is regarded by community as an effective tool in helping police to prevent serious crime and terrorism, but it has also left many doubts on how police conduct those searches. (Weber, L. and Bowling, B. (2003).)

According to Bowling, B., Phillips C, stop and search powers is the most effective tool the police have against preventing crime and extending those powers will have a positive impact on crime and safety of community, by allowing police force to use their legal right to search someone when the officer believes there is a threat of impending violence or other reasonable grounds, (e.g. narcotics).

2) Proposed Methods of Achieving the Aims and Objectives outlined above:

This project is primarily based on theory and literature review, meaning that the methodology for the research is simply statute, case law, as well as other authors works on various issues relevant to this topic.

Primarily this project will be focused on books, journals articles and also very importantly relevant websites such as (