the causes of gun violence

In Unit 2 we have read and discussed (some briefly) 6 articles that examine the issue of gun violence, focusing specifically on its causes. These are the articles from which you will draw the evidence for your points in Essay #2. “In Gun Debate, Even Language Can Be Loaded,” Baker “Why I Own Guns” (Harris) “Why More Guns Won’t Make Us Safer” (Faircloth) “Guns are not the Cause of Youth Violence” (Benton) “Popular Culture Promotes Gun Violence” (Dziewankski) “Proposed Gun Control Laws and Measures” (President Obama/White House) 1 (or more) of the Supplementary Articles] ___________________________________________________________________________ Assignment: Write a well-organized and clearly written essay explaining your perspective on at least two of the major causes of gun violence in America/North America, explaining and defending why the causes you have chosen are of primary importance, and responding to related counter arguments. Thesis: In your thesis (which follows your introductory sentences on the general topic) you will clearly state the causes you have chosen that are primary to the existence of gun violence. Body of Evidence/Analysis: In the Body of the essay you will explain the causes, using evidence from the articles, and further, will analyze why the causes you have focused on are of primary importance. As you discuss each cause you will use two or more articles to provide support for your argument. [As part of your discussion of one of your chosen causes you may develop the synthesis paragraph you have already written for a class assignment if you choose to.] Additionally, in your explanation and analysis of the causes, you must state and refute the common counter argument/s frequently used by those who disagree with your choices. Use of Sources/Evidence In discussing your points, you must use all 5 of the required readings AND one of the supplementary articles. Conclusion: In the conclusion, emphasize the most important thing you want your readers to think about in relation to the issue of the causes of gun violence.