The Art of TV Presenting. A study on the age group 17-25 and their culture in relation to TV & Entertainment

Referencing- “Harvard APA”

Has the art of TV Presenting decreased in value than what it has been in the past. Is it important for 17-25 year olds to have a “young” presenter for shows aimed at them, and likewise for the older generation of shows.
– Has the landscape of media changed
– Is the opinion of whether a TV Presenter “good” or not subjective?
– Young vs Old presenters
– Do presenters have an expiry date- Bruce Forseith/Mary Berry/Jimmy Saville etc?
– Is it a matter of who is presenting a show as to why people watch rather that what the show’s content is about?
– Demograhpic of 17-25 year olds and what are they watching and why?

Will add the unit handbook and the unit requirements to follow.