The Art and Science of Teaching

Writing Assignments:
After the chapter reviews, research or DVD review, lesson or activity, write a two-page final application essay linking key concepts from the book, The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction: Robert Marzano to your specific classroom context. Compose your writings on areas of interest that are relevant to your teaching discipline or professional experience. This will enhance your capacity to apply the new concepts learned in this course. Focus your writings and activities on the concepts and strategies from the book and related assignments on how you can apply them to your school environment, teaching methodology and instructional practice.
Required Assignments:
1. Book chapter readings 2.Chapter reviews and reflections. 3. Research review
4. Project or activity 3. Final Application essay (APA or MA writing style format)

-Chapter review and reflection(only one page, either in paragraph form or Bullets are acceptable)