The Apology (of Socrates) by Plato

1. I need a reaction paper
2. just read the topic in the file I attached AND follow the instructions in that file, please
3. I need it 3 paragraphs
Paragraph #1: Identifications
Using specific terms, people, places from history (the powerpoints and/or textbook) connect the reading to specific historical developments. This paragraph must have 5-7 specific identifications in complete sentence and paragraph format. Do not write a summary.

Paragraph #2: Analysis
Analyze the reading for its importance and value. All of these readings are very old, so why do we still bother reading them today? What is their value to us? Why are they important? Analyze the reading in paragraph format.

Paragraph #3: Reaction
What is your opinion of the reading? Did you enjoy reading it? Did you like it? Did it remind of you something/somewhere/someone else? Write a paragraph
( I do not want it in professional writing because I am not a native speaker. )