The APA Publication Manual is an essential reference guide for all students and practitioners in the social and behavioral sciences. The purpose of this Discussion is to assist you in becoming familiar with and applying key parts of the manual. For this Discussion, you will play the role of an editor who must provide feedback to the writer, identifying and correcting flaws in the writer’s use of citations, quotes, and references. How would you make the writer’s work reflect the language of the profession?Step 1: Select one paragraph from the Social Change excerpt to edit. This document is found in the Learning Resources. Step 2: Referring to Chapter 6 of the APA Publication Manual, revise the paragraph in correct APA format, rewriting the citations, quotations, and references as necessary. Use the references listed for your paragraph number as your citation sources.tep 3: For this Discussion, the references for each paragraph are listed in the Social Change excerpt. These references are not in correct APA format. put the references for your paragraph in correct APA format.As part of the academic community of Walden University, you are learning to identify scholarly sources and critically evaluate and communicate your findings. You will also learn to communicate in writing in the “language” of the profession. APA format is the structure for scholarly writing for the behavioral and social sciences. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, is the resource book you can use to understand this structure, and it is the style you should replicate in your own writing. APA format is precise in terms of punctuation, the structure of citations and references, and in addressing topics such as bias in language and the ethics of authorship. Walden University. (2013, March 15). APA citations part I: The methods to the madness [Video file]. Retrieved from