The Advent of Constructivism

A. The posting demonstrates an understanding of the question and the underlying issues involved. It answers the question in a comprehensive manner. All parts of the question are addressed.
B. The posting is well organized and well written.
C. The posting demonstrates critical thinking and/or the ability to analyze and/or synthesize, on the part of the writer
D. References will be “scholarly” and contemporary. A scholarly reference is from a textbook or a peer reviewed journal. In a paper (as opposed to a classroom posting) most of the references should be “primary” rather than “secondary”. A source is secondary if it reports the research or thinking of others. Journal articles are primary; they report the research of the author. Text books are secondary, they report the research of others. Psychology Today, Time Magazine, and many if not most online sources are secondary and are not scholarly. They report the research of others. Popular self-help books are generally not scholarly. They should be used sparingly, if at al