Technology Inquiry Design Project

Table of Contents
– A problem statement: describing the needs or justification for a new technology classroom or a computer lab for a school district you are working for.
– Introduction, describing the nature of this project and how the design of a new classroom will provide a means to improve
student’s education through the use of computers, software applications and the use of the internet.
– Background Information. Provide background information about the school and the learners.
– Design criteria for integrating a relatively modern classroom, (see figure 1.0 for examples) for single seat or multiple seats with low cost maintenance. (review
Smaldino et al., 2013, P. 102)
1. Provide a “best design” solution which is effective, efficient, and provides all the support, for both teacher and student needs.
2. Provide a project plan (a detailed timeline plan) to ensure the timely completion of the project. You can use any software to create a timeline plan for this project.
Provide a detailed cost analysis of the equipment. Make sure to include the cost for maintenance (repair) of the equipment, and new application training for teachers, administrators, and support staff.