Sustainable Aviation

Sustainable Aviation

Periodic Assessment

Academic Year 2011-2012


Critically evaluate the research that maintains efforts to produce a more sustainable fuel to power aircraft are not technically and ethically feasible.


Your assessment should be written in essay format and should not exceed 2,000 words in length excluding your bibliography and any necessary appendix material.

Please resist from presenting your findings as a series of bullet points or notes. Essays are normally expected to be written in prose. At this level they should outline the basis of an argument and be properly referenced.

essay layout
2.define terms- sustainability is…..
3.technical ethical: explain what the fuel is that planes currently use,also in this paragraph explain what is the problem with the fuel being used is it technically possible to use

4.the main body other ethical problemss (5-6 different types of fuels)for example hydrogen,liquid potrolleum gas,facking and other types of fuels.