Structural Health Engineering research project

You are going to write a research project paper about (structural health engineering), which is a topic that has to do with civil engineering. The research project is a paper that has to do with research proposal that is already written and attached for you. It need to answer the questions and explore the mentioned ideas of (the research proposal paper) in the (research project paper). But it doesn’t need to be connected with the annotated bibliography paper. Anyways, you can use the sources that is already available in the annotate bibliography paper, since the topic is the same (structural health engineering) in both the annotated bibliography and research proposal. The order instruction illustrates how the paper needs to be done, it tells about the purpose, audience, and grading system for the paper. *Please make sure that you meet all the requirements of grading rubric in your writing, so the research paper would be perfect. I attached two guidelines for writing, the first one is from the book, and it illustrates how to make the research in such good shape, you can look at it and it would be a good idea to have better understanding on how the system of research project for this paper is going on. The second guideline shows how the sources need to be formulated. * Please try your best to meet all the requirements. *You can use between 6-8 sources in this paper. do not forget to cite them. *Please add 75 words if you can so the total would be 2000 words for this paper. I couldn’t find this option.