Question 1


If the Cleveland Indians had not selected Clint Frazier, he would likely have been selected by:



Florida Marlins


Seattle Mariners


New York Mets


Boston Red Sox



Question 2


Baseball players are able to sign endorsement deals for which of the following on-field apparel:



Fielding and Batting Gloves






Arm Sleeves


All of the Above



Question 3


LeBron James was born and still resides in what Ohio city?
















Question 4


What high school did LeBron James attend?


St. Vincent-St. Mary High School


Glenville High School


St. Ignatius High School


St. Edward High School



Question 5

LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 for what NBA team?



Los Angeles Lakers


Boston Celtics


New York Knicks


Miami Heat



Question 6


Which superstar client of Jeff Schwartz was nearly fatally stabbed?



Jason Kidd


Paul Pierce


Lamar Odom


Kevin Love











Question 7


Blake Griffin partnered with what car manufacturer for the NBA Slam Dunk Contest (thanks to the creativity of Excel’s CMO)?











Question 8


Student-athletes are able to hire a financial advisor while still in college.







Question 9


According to John Palguta, which of the following elements is not included in the “Agassi Model” framed for an athlete to reach financial success throughout their career?


Trust fund inheritance


The athlete


The athlete’s “foundation” (i.e. attitude, dedication, personality, etc.)


The athlete off the field


Question 10


According to John Palguta, handling the financial investments of corporate executives vs. professional athletes is most different in what sense?


Government regulations


Overall salary


Level of fame


Length of career (30-40 years vs. 10-15 years)