Social Work and Human Services Title: Practice Analysis

From the film "Touched With Fire"provide a first-person narrative of the experience of mental illness from the perspective of a person with mental illness or one of their family members. In the paper provide a brief description of the experience of mental illness described in the film, with your own reactions and observations. Then you will analyze this experience in terms of relating the knowledge both of various types of conditions, a critique of any treatment approaches described in the account, and recommendations for various best practices that might have been helpful in responding to the person’s/family member’s biological, psychological, and social situation. Pay special attention in your discussion of issues related to gender, culture, age, and sexual orientation, and the impact of both marginal and privileged status. Through the application of at least 4 course readings, link theory and practice to the life events described, and make recommendations for further facilitating this person’s/family’s recovery and regaining a sense of hope for the future.

The readings/texts that should be referenced are:

Corcoran, J., & Walsh, J. (2014). Mental health in social work: A casebook in diagnosis and strengths-based assessment (2nd ed). Longneck, NJ: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.

Newhill, C. (2015). Interventions for Serious Mental Disorders: Working with Individuals and Their Families. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

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