Social Work and Human Services

Tatum, B. (1997) The Early Years: “Is my skin brown because I drink chocolate milk?” in “Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?” and other conversations about race (pp.31-51). NY: Basic Books.

After reading the assigned articles please offer a brief summary of the article and chose at least 3 points from each article to discuss in assignment. These points will include: one connection between an aspect of each article to class readings or discussion and two other points that may address what interested you, what you wondered about, or what you want to know more about.

Please make sure that you write the title of the article, the author, and label each point with a heading. For example you would write:

Barbara Rogoff, “Orienting concepts and ways of understanding the cultural nature of human development”

1. Summary:

2. Connection to class readings

3. other connection

Reading: Ch 9 (p.314 – 339)

and Ch10 (p.371 – 383)
Choose 5 definitions from that interest you.

Offer one question you have from each of the reading assignments.

Text Reading: Answer “apply, connect, discuss” on p. 329, 338 and 380.