Senior Seminar in the Sociology of Work

The final paper will bring together your work in previous assignments in the style of a journal article. It will include the following sections: introduction, theory and literature review, methods, data analysis and conclusion. We will use Cranford and Miller (2013), assigned the first day of class, as a model. It should be approximately 15 double spaced paged (about 4,500 words), not including will identify the one, or two, topics from weeks 2-6 (i.e. intersecting social location, state policy, labor market incorporation or managerial control) that you would like to examine as ??�causes’ shaping workers’ understanding of their work. It should be based on at least 5 peer reviewed academic journal articles or book chapters beyond required course readings. You may draw from the recommended readings.

YOU MUST USE at least 5 sources besides the REQUIRED READINGS, as part of research but you will refer back to them.
Note: Please the deadline is very very firm , the
style is in ASA