Self Induced Abortion

Must follow the research instructions provided on the upload files. Also on the uploaded files is a list of 4 Scholar Woks Cited that I want you to look at and possibly use in doing the research. Please note that on the research instructions, we must additionally consult at least 6 credible scholarly sources. The book that we are using for this class can be retrieved on line. The book is "Women’s Voices Feminist Visions 6th Edition" and is written by Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee. We are on Chapter 8. Please look into this book and see what is important that you may need to include in this report as the instruction says "building on the ideas you read about, this pertains to this book. You may also choose to examine media form culture as it says in the instructions. You may email me and ask for more clarification if you have any questions regarding the paper instructions. essay. You can use at least 10 sources which 6 of them are at least credible scholarly sources. I will also need the Works Cited Page in alphabetical order. MLA Format. On the research paper, Be sure to consider the reasons for "unwanted pregnancy" and the communities in which self-induced abortions occur. Are these happening in places where there are laws against abortion? What are the types of self-induced abortion? And what is a solution?
Here is the Thesis Statement for this research: Unwanted Pregnancy is the major cause of self induced abortion, one of the leading cause of maternal mortality. I want a thorough research paper, on the subject and well written. Follow the research instruction given.