Selecting the most qualified applicants inyour companychoice

Consider that you are the director of human resource department, and your company asked you to hire a few professional experts to expand the organizational operations.

This will require you to develop a pool of qualified applicants and then select the best individuals that fit your organization.

Write one page (between 400 and 450 words only) about the following items:

1)Describe the type of the position you are looking for, such as an engineer or doctor or professional accountant, or manager. And what are the duties he will perform in your organization.

2)How you will advertise for the listed jobs to get a large pool of applicants.

3)Specify two criteria you will use to select the best individuals. And how you can implement them during the hiring process.

Please use a clear language and be specific in your statement. You might look over the Internet and see how other companies are doing this process, but don’t copy. You need to write everything using your own words. All assignments will be checked for plagiarism.