Scholarly Paper: Written Teaching Plan

Scholarly Paper: Written Teaching Plan: This is a Nursing Class. I know that it sounds like sociology..

A written Project: Student Select a Bad habit they would like to break, in themselves or someone else (Patients, Staff, Children, Family, Friends, etc)

a) Develop a plan for changing the bad habit using principles from at least three different learning theories. (Behaviorist Learning Theory, Cognitive Learning Theory and Social Learning Theory, Humanistic Learning Theory)

b) Student must describe their plan step-by-step, giving a rationales for each step that is grounded in specific principles of learning.

(How does Learning Occur? What kinds of Experiences Facilitate or Hinder the Learning Process?

What Helps ensure that Learning becomes relatively permanent?)

c) Student must explain clearly why each step should work based on learning theories.

d) Student may try out their plan their plan for a week and provide a written evaluation of the effectiveness and weakness of their plan.

e) Must use APA 6th edition format.

f) Minimum of 5 typed, double-spaced pages in length excluding the cover and reference page; APA 6th edition format. Font = 12 points, either Arial or Times New Roman format.