Respond by agreeing with 150 words or more for each post using atleast one intext citation using 1 American scholarly reference from the last 5yrs.

Discussion Responses

Response 1

I agree with your view that the education approach in which the teacher leader adopts a reflective approach yields greater results because it encourages students and sustains the learning process. I base my support on the view that the dynamic nature of education requires an active engagement with the content in relation with emerging realities outside the learning process (Campos, 2014). You have also argued that such leaders are flexible and able to engage with the environment in a meaningful and productive manner. Indeed, I consider education as a discourse that requires a measure of flexibility in order to allow room for the flourishing of unique intellectual insights. Your example of the different approaches between veteran teachers and novice teachers also serves to illustrate the importance of creativity and collaboration in the learning process. In my opinion, the teaching process should be absolutely flexible and open to multiple possibilities of thought. Such teaching should also be student-centered.


Campos, J. (2014). The learner-centered classroom. Alexandria, VA: American Society for Training & Development.

Response 2

I share your perspective that outcomes and standards constitute the best practice that enhances success in the teaching practice. The reason for my support is based on the idea that results-oriented approaches in teaching are generally more likely to yield success compared to alternative methods of teaching. It is also true that a good teaching approach should focus on the meeting of curriculum needs because any variation or mismatch between the curriculum needs and the content of the teaching would be counterproductive in the end. I also support your view that using alternative assessment to gauge the progress of the students is an important for allowing the students to showcase their mastery in various areas of the learning process. The method is also crucial for helping students to overcome the kind of anxiety and stress that many of them incur through the formal methods of assessments (Weimer, 2013). In general, your views appear consistent with the education philosophies that support customized methods and student-centered approaches.


Weimer, M. (2013). Learner-centered teaching: Five key changes to practice. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass.