Residual Risk/Stopping a Project

A. Define “residual risks” and explain how they can impact a project. Can you eliminate all residual risks? If so, explain how. and if not, what can you do to reduce them as much as possible?

B. When would you make the recommendation as a project manager to “kill” or stop a project? Provide specific details on issues that may dictate killing a project. Do NOT just repeat the information from your course books, but research additional sources of information. How would you convince a stakeholder or sponsor that a project cannot deliver what it promised and it is time to call it quits? Support your response with one reference in addition to those provided in your required/optional readings, learning modules, and text books. Use proper APA style for citations.

C. Is your “gut feeling” a good way to question whether a project is at risk for failure OR should you always base your recommendations upon data and assessments/metrics? Why or why not (please explain in detail)?