Researching” pages 357-389, 8th Edition, A Writer’s Reference.

Prompt: Select one topic and write a thesis statement:
1.Choose one of the topics provided. Choose from the list of accepted topics is in the Resources folder titled “Choose One of These Topics.” The list provides topics which are focused (not too broad), challenging (not just factual), and grounded (not too speculative). All the topics are debatable, establishing a basis for a good persuasive argument paper. If you professor approves, choose your own topic as long as it’s one that’s debatable (has opposition), based on the standards provided in Tab R, Section R1b “Pose questions worth exploring” pages 359-362 in A Writer’s Reference, 8th edition.
2. Write your own thesis statement. See “Draft and revise a working thesis statement” (page 9-12 in A Writer’s Reference).
3. Why this topic? Briefly explain why this topic interests you.