question:Research one of the following topics and report your findings:

1. Investigate the global move towards privatization of prisons. Discuss utilitarian principles of punishment and explain the implications of ‘prisons for profit’ (economic rationalism applied to the penal system) with regard to the justifications for punishment and concepts of justice?

2. Investigate the philosophy and practices of restorative justice. Does ‘reintegrative shaming’respond well to the requirements of justice? Discuss the effectiveness of restorative justice and contend with the concerns and criticisms that have been raised. You may consider such questions as: From whom or where does the right to punish derive? Is restorative justice punishment, or is it a true alternative to punitiveness? Is restorative justice appropriate to an ordinary prison setting?

3. School of Social Sciences and Psychology Learning Guide Page 10 of 133. The latest Bureau of Statistics data shows that women, and in particular Indigenous women, are the fastest growing demographic within the current prison population in Australia.
Investigate this situation and discuss the factors which might contribute to this trend.
Analyse the situation with regard to the appropriateness of using punitive responses in the context of disadvantage, and consider the existence of and/or need for post punishment

4. Explore and compare at least two different penal regimes. Choose regimes that show the
contrast between higher and lower imprisoning countries. Why is punishment apparently
more prevalent in some societal contexts than others? Consider not only crime rates but also
such things as social, cultural, political, religious and economic variables.

Further instructions/suggestions:
Structure your written response by using the following headings. (NB: Reproduce only the precise headings. Do not recite the instructions.)

Abstract– (less than 50 words) Very concisely state the research questions, what you found out and what your findings mean?

Introduction & Research Question – (100 words) Set the scene; give some background information
about the topic and outline your argument.

Findings & Discussion – (700* words) Organize your concepts and findings in a logical sequence to present an argument for how best to understand the situation. What interpretations and judgments have you made and how are these supported? Use short informative subheadings if desired (but not if this risks disturbing the flow of your argument and discussion).

Conclusion & Recommendations – (300* words)

What is the significance of your findings and your
discussion? What suggestions can be drawn from your argument?

References – A list, properly formatted, of all the sources you cited in your text.
* The length of these sections might be adjusted to suit.