research assignment 3

Part III (due August 13) Your Four Local Representatives:  County, City, School Board

  1. County.  Most counties are divided into five districts, and are governed by 5 Supervisors, each representing one district.  Go to your county’s website and find out which County Supervisor represents your address.
  1. City. Who is your Mayor?

Find out if your city has “at-large representation” or district representation.

If your city uses district representation, find out which city council member represents your district, OR,

If your city uses at-large representation, who is your vice-mayor?

Note:  If you live outside a city in an unincorporated area, provide a brief summary of what your county’s website says about its responsibilities to unincorporated areas.

  1. School District.  Find out the name of the K-12 School District, and look up that District’s governing school board.  Choose one school board member.

4. After clearly identifying the four individuals and district numbers (if applicable), analyze who most closely represents your own interests and priorities.

Time saving hint:  Look at the instructions for Research Assignment 5 now, and see if you can collect this information while you are doing this assignment.


Part V (due August 29)


Find the public agenda for the next official meeting for one of the local government organizations you identified in Part III.  Describe the  items on the agenda, and for each one, explain how it does or how it might affect you.