Required Guide: The Neural Basis of Consciousness | Is Consciousness Physical? | Sam Harris’ Dilemma | Required Readings: Is My iPhone Conscious? | The Disneyland of Consciousness | Maya | Required Films: A Glorious Piece of Meat | The Mobius Strip | The Disneyland of Consciousness | Neural Theory vs. Soul Theory | Essay Prompt: Write a 1000 word (or more) first person narrative exploring the following question: How did consciousness originate? Be sure to make connections to the required readings/guide/movies as well as your own research. Post your essay on your own personal website (created via google sites) only after it has been reviewed by at least two students on the MSAC Writing Class forum. Sharing and Responding to Other Student Essays: Each student is required to critique two student essays that are not his own per required assignment. Each critique should include pointing out any spelling, grammatical, logical, and/or factual errors. In order to accomplish this, you should post your essay first on the MSAC Writing Class forum for review. After incorporating any noticed corrections (from spelling to logical errors), then post your final draft on your own personal google website, which can easily be created for free on google sites. Each student should list whatever corrections (if any) as an addendum on each of their papers and the names of the students who provided such feedback. Once a student has received two replies, it is important that you choose an essay that has not yet been corrected or only has one response. Otherwise, some students will not be able to receive the necessary feedback responses. Your professor will go over your first four essays at the middle of the semester (hence the term “midterm”). You will then receive a grade for each of your papers. The last four essays will be graded at the end of the semester at finals. Each essay must be the student’s own work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form and will result in an F for the assignment. Be sure to properly cite your sources when necessary. ====================================