Report:Future Project Finance in the Asia Pacific

The Global Financial Crises 2007-08 created unprecedented uncertainty in global project finance markets, the effects of which are still being felt.
Many European banks left the market, a number went into administration or were acquired by government, supply was
constrained, bond finance disappeared with the demise of credit insurers, and project risk spreads led to a dramatic escalation in lender interest rates. The events of 2007-08 also
resulted in the Basel III reforms to banking regulation that increased the capital adequacy requirements for banks and established new weighting criteria that discouraged project
finance-type lending.

Recent research by the Lowy Institute and the Reserve Bank of Australia suggest the market
may be in recovery with finance available from institutional investors with an appetite for longer-term loans and bond issues by project-specific and institutional borrowers.

Given strong demand in the Asia-Pacific for infrastructure capital in the coming decade,

prepare a report that reviews the Asia-Pacific project finance market. Your report should specifically focus on the following:

*The changes that have taken place in the demand and supply of project finance
since 2007-08

* The current methods for financing long-term and capital-intensive projects

*Emerging trends likely to impact future supply in the Asia Pacific market.

Reference readings including the Reserve Bank-Lowy Institute Conference Papers in your
subject Readings. Additional information and data is available from the World Bank, Asian
Development Bank, the Asian Bond Market Initiative, China’s plan for an international regional investment bank, and European Investment Bank publications. See also the attachments, most of the attachments should be used in the report and appeared in the references