Rebutle for social media and childhood obesity

Please write a rebutle to the following:
There is so much power when it comes to the Internet and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Your words can spread like wildfire and effect many in seconds and they can also cause people problems. They can offend, upset, disappoint, anger or hopefully make others happy, fulfilled and enlightened. How you present that message or the way it is written can be taken in many ways depending on the reader. You can do so much good with these powerful tools yet you can destroy others in a second with just a click of a button. With childhood obesity I would find it beneficial to use personal interviews and/or an opinion editorial. I don’t feel that Facebook and Twitter would be very beneficial at this point, it may serve useful if I were to have a meeting and need to invite others or to announce future meetings or events.

As this week’s lesson states, “nurses make up the single largest group of healthcare providers, yet sometimes nurses may remain invisible in media and policy (CCN, 2016).” With that being said we as nurse have the ability to critically think and look past inaccurate information and find the truth. We have the power to make a difference and present issues along with possible solutions that are safe and effective. As the person who assembles the message it is your responsibility to convey the message appropriately without offending others.

For example, hopefully you may remember the ALS Ice Budget challenge it was a success due to online activism. Many things have been brought to the world’s attention by the use of the Internet. Digital and online activism can shape public opinion by the following six key functions; planning an action; sharing a call to action; taking action digitally; transfer of resources (, 2013). As long as we use this resource wisely it can greatly benefit our society but then again it can cause great harm all at the same time.