Read “Crucial Conversations” & Apply it in Real Life

The task is (1) to read the book “Crucial Conversations”, which is a book about how to communicate with someone who strongly emotionally disagrees with you. It’s an easy read paperback with chapters like “how to listen when others blow up or clam up”, “how to make it safe to talk about almost anything,” and “tough cases”. Next you would (2) have a conversation with someone who has a strongly opposing political view, using what you learned in the book. Finally, you would (3) write a 5 page paper on your experience, providing citations to pages of the book for communication strategies that you tried and outcomes you experienced in the conversation.
You will receive full credit on the paper if you have 1) citations to book pages, and 2) evidence of taking on a genuinely difficult conversation and applying the book ideas thoughtfully.
You only source will be this book. A link to the pdf version of the book can be found at (