range plan

This range plan is from last term and i did not pass this unit, that i have to referral submission it. My tutor already gave a feedback to this essay, just have to follow the feedback to improve the essay base on my original range plan and add few more references.

The original requirement of this essay:
You will submit the range plan and write a supporting 1,500 word(word tolerance10%) Harvard referenced report to justify your range plan and discuss the key decision points that led to its creation.
• Presented in PDF report format, with a covering page detailing:
• Title page (not included in the word count): state name, course, unit, report title,
number of words, date submitted, unit leader.
• A summary of the creative inspiration for the collection
• A detailed target customer profile for the collection
• A review of relevant trend analyses that have influenced the collection
• A completed range plan document using the template provided on Moodle
• A comparative shop report using the template provided on Moodle of your chosen brand
and one direct competitor to justify the products ranged within the collection. This will include:
• Product category mixes
• Fashionability mixes
• Price points by product type
• Country of origin by product type
• Fabrications used by product type
• A % mix analysis to justify the products ranged within the collection. This will include:
• Country of origin mix
• Fashionability mix
• Selling price architecture mix
• A reference list using Harvard Referencing style according to Cite Them Right.
• Appendices to include relevant research documentation and a comparative shop report
The PDF report should be uploaded via Moodle (Turnitin Assignment). You may upload up to two files.

Feedback form my tutor:
General comments and advice on how to improve your work in the future
Greater research is needed to underpin the report and your qualitative and quantitative decisions. There is an absence of theory, explained by the absence of book and journal references in the bibliography.
The SWOT needs to be more product focused and should form the basis of your creative inspiration for the SS capsule collection.
You may have identified two different loyal UNIQLO consumers, however you need to focus on the primary consumer for your report to avoid confusion when creating the customer focused range.
An innovative idea for the ethical element of the range, however it’s unlikely that Uniqlo would donate all the profits to the hospices but rather a % of their profits. To support your ethical idea, you need to justify that the UNIQLO consumer has a connection with London Hospices and therefore would be inclined to buy this collection.
Although you have conducted the comp shop in both UNIQLO and GAP, you haven’t used your research to support the range planning process. You have opted for a collection entirely of core basics, yet the different price points of the collection would suggest that the fashionability split of the product in the range is not just core basics, but rather a mix of fashion, high fashion and basics. The range would need some high fashion and fashion items to add interest to the collection. There is no supporting evidence as to why you have decided to opt for a collection of only tops and there is no analysis of your trend and shape research. You give no justification for the pricing strategy you have adopted and the target profit intake margin has not been achieved.
The % mix analysis is also missing from the report. A disappointing piece of work.